I'm Tim Crowe, a rabble-rousing web developer, a lover of cooking, my beard, the Phillies and giant dogs. I live outside of Philadelphia.

Deeper Into Madness

I live in a house, near Phildelphia, surrounded by dandelions with my wife, two dogs, and our cat. I cook. I love the baseball, specifically the Philadelphia Phillies and I have a secret obsession with interior design. I have a beard.

I'm a web journeyman in the Philadelphia area. I've been paid to write Javascript, Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, HTML, CSS, PHP and C#/.Net. I've worked at many of the best interactive companies in the Philadelphia area including Happy Cog, Empathy Lab and Electronic Ink. I am currently part of the product team at TicketLeap. For more in depth information about what I've done, read my resume.

Please Be My Friend

I participate in several social websites. If you would like to participate with me, you can find me on twitter, github, rdio, facebook, pinterest, flickr and linkedin. I'm timmyfury on Instagram. You can also send me an email if you're into that sort of thing at tim.crowe@timmyfury.com

Other Crap I've Done

I squat more domains than your average idiot should so I built canhasdomain to check availability of domains. Some of my favs include Operation Dandelion, a site devoted to my endeavors into eco-bastardry, Bananus Info, an informational site to warn people about the bananus, Eating Crowe, my now defunct cooking show and Canty Shanty, my occasionally updated collection of home improvement inspiration.